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Purified oxygen

With every use you get a clean, natural charge of purified oxygen from our world class dispensing system.



Energising flavours

Enjoy a range of purified oxygen flavours, from peach to watermelon.


6L & 12L


All Oxycell canisters are made with light weight durability in mind. Packing a big punch in a small package,




3 second inhalations. If used 3 times a day, every day, 1 can should last 15 to 20 days. *Based on a 3 second inhale

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easy-to-use dispensing system

Whether you’re half way through a squash game, or on the couch recovering from an intense training session, hoping for another tomorrow, Oxycell has your performance and recovery needs covered, using 95% pure natural oxygen.

Our dispensing system is easy-to-use and lightweight, meaning it’s perfect for athletes on the go, or anyone looking to boost their mental and physical performance, increase focus and decrease stress.

  • Remove
    the lid.
  • Exhale and with your
    finger on the nozzle,
    hold the nozzle close
    to your mouth.
  • With your next
    inhalation, press the
    nozzle and take a
    deep breath.
  • Hold your breath for
    about 3 seconds to
    allow maximum
  • For maximum benefit,
    this process can be
    repeated 2-5 times.

boost your mental & physical performance

You put in the hours, you put in the effort and sweat to get you where you are, now put in the oxygen to take you to the next level. Perform at a higher level for longer and recover faster with Oxycell's 95% pure natural oxygen.

increase wellness with pure natural oxygen

Your mood matters. Getting enough sleep matters. Your quality-of-life matters. Use Oxycell's 95% pure natural oxygen to elevate your mood, decrease stress, increase focus and charge up your energy for an overall wellness boost.

the breath that charges you up

Whether you're training for Midmar Mile or just hitting a few balls with lads on the weekend, a few inhalations of Oxycell will increase focus and performance, and decrease fatigue and recovery time. Meaning you can do more of what you love, at a higher level of performance, with Oxycell's 95% pure natural oxygen.

stress less

With the necessary oxygen your brain and body can better handle stressful situations. And with your focus increased, you can tackle anything with clarity of mind and conviction. Find what you need in Oxycell's 95% pure natural oxygen.

stay up and still get up

You got the party; we got the hangover. Restore balance and charge back up to your best self with Oxycell's 95% pure natural oxygen. No longer do hangovers have to be whole day affairs, elevate your mood, relax your body and get back out there with a few inhalations of Oxycell.

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Oxycell Peach

6L Canister
R199.99 Buy
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Oxycell Apple

6L Canister
R199.99 Buy
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Oxycell Watermelon

6L Canister
R199.99 Buy
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Oxycell Coffee

6L Canister
R199.99 Buy

frequently asked questions

OXYCELL is an effective, all-natural oxygen and recovery aid that can help you feel like your best self again. Just a few inhalations of OXYCELL will enhance your alertness. It is great for home, travel and sports use.


This is not condensed air, this is 95% pure compressed Oxygen

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